Emmentaler Lasagne - FrieslandCampina cheese


Below you can read how we developed Emmental cheese that perfectly meets the customer needs by being easy to slice. Do you want to know how we can help you solve your specific market challenges?


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Emmentaler Baquette - FrieslandCampina cheese


The production of Emmental is a very complex process due to its fermentation process. Propionic acid fermentation in the cheese lead to the characteristic holes in Emmental. At the same time, propionic acids make the cheese expand during the fermentation process. If the cheese is not ripened in the correct way very large and unequaled eyes/ wholes appear in the cheese which results in a cheese that cannot be sliced.


Our cheese makers have perfected the art of making an Emmental that has equal spread eyes and is perfect for slicing. FrieslandCampina Cheese B2B is able to deliver the product in Euro block format which will enable easy handling in production and within legal requirements to not use any lifting aid.
Our Emmental is also perfect for shredding and gives food dishes or cheese mixes a rich flavor and nice browning.


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