FrieslandCampina cheese - Gouda Hamburger


Below you can read how we developed the perfect Gouda cheese specially for our industrial processed cheese manufacturers. Do you want to know how we can help you to solve your specific market challenges?

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Gouda Tosti - FrieslandCampina cheese


The often complex production processes of our customers lead to very specific wishes. As a supplier to industrial processed cheese manufacturers we gained deep knowledge about their complex production facilities. High intact caseinates are very important to manufacturers of processed cheese to optimize their production processes. Many customers were not able to source products like this in the industrial cheese market.


Together with the customer we developed a variety of industrial cheeses that have optimal processing capabilities without making concessions on customer requirements. Additionally, we were able to make supply chain improvements by decreasing lead times for our customer. The customer has been no. 1 supplier of their customer for multiple years now and continues to grow because of the optimal processing.


The customer was able to increase its competitive edge and grow sustainably with their customers.