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Below you can read how we optimize cheese recipes together with pizza and meal producers to be able to fit governmental health regulations, without losing customer and consumer preferences. Do you want to know how we can help you solve your specific market challenges?

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Industrial producers of pizzas and meals often are confronted with challenges related to health. Governments regularly impose new regulations regarding salt and fat contents. The challenge for our customers is to continuously be ahead of such regulations and reduce salt and/or fat contents in their recipes.


FrieslandCampina’s mission is to nourish by nature; by making a positive contribution to health of consumers. Cheese B2B commits itself to this mission and always focuses on optimizing nutritional values in our ingredients. Together with our customers we optimize recipes to fit with government requirements but also consumer preference. We have developed a Edam recipe with lower salt level that is still firm enough for industrial processing and has kept its original Edam taste.


The customer was able to comply with rules and regulations but also keep its factory efficiency and the desired Edam taste.