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Discover our broad assortment of rindless foil-ripened cheese to be used for many applications.

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Thanks to many years of experience in the cheese market and focus on innovation, we can offer you a wide range of industrial cheeses that perfectly match any application. By choosing a FrieslandCampina cheese, you are assured of constant quality, high worldwide supply performance, and the support of our skilled colleagues, so that you can always produce and provide your customers with an optimal product.

Are you interested in cheese for producing the best pizzas or ready meals or do you want to use it for grating, slicing or processing? Match your need with our available cheeses. Be aware that we made a selection of our cheeses.  Ask for more detailed information if you want to be advised about all the different recipes and formats we can produce.

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All Cheese for grating, slicing and powders Cheese for Pizza and Ready Meals Ingredients for cheese processing
Tilsiter - FrieslandCampina cheese
Pizza Margherita with grated mozzarella - FrieslandCampina cheese
FrieslandCampina cheese - Gouda Hamburger
Goya Carpaccio - FrieslandCampina cheese
Gouda sandwich - FrieslandCampina cheese
Emmentaler Lasagne - FrieslandCampina cheese
Gouda Tosti - FrieslandCampina cheese