Edam Mozzarella - FrieslandCampina cheese


Make the most out of your pizza, foodservice product, or shredded and sliced applications with our Edam cheeses. Discover now what our rindless Edam cheese, low salt recipes and services can add to your products and business.

Excellent processing
Rich savory taste
Several lower salt recipes
Available in many formats

Our high quality and low salt Edam solutions

Edam is one of the first cheeses that our cooperative produced. The experience we gained by producing Edam for more than a century results in extensive rindless Edam portfolio. Our recipes vary in salt content, fat content, intensity in flavor and all of them are perfect for industrial food manufacturing purposes. Rindless lower salt Edam is a key ingredient for many frozen pizza manufacturers in Europe. With those lower salt recipes, you can meet various salt covenants. Do you want to know more about the optimal Edam cheese for your specific business or application?

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Edam cheese - FrieslandCampina cheese

Royal Hollandia, our Edam perfect for pizza

With our Royal Hollandia range we have developed an Edam cheese which is perfect to be used for pizzas and other hot applications. Royal Hollandia Edam is made from 100% FrieslandCampina cow’s milk of the highest quality. It is specially developed to have constant melting properties and even browning. Royal Hollandia cheese is the perfect ingredient for preparing the best pizzas. For more information visit Royal Hollandia now.

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Award – winning Edam cheese

Thanks to our dedication and long history in making Edam cheese, FrieslandCampina’s naturally ripened Edam won (again) a gold and silver award at the World Championship Wisconsin USA 2020, which is the largest cheese, butter and yogurt contest in the world.

We are proud to tell that our cheese makers put the same craftsmanship in making our foil-ripened cheeses as they do in making these award-winning naturally ripened Edam cheeses.