Emmentaler Baquette - FrieslandCampina cheese


Are you looking for a partner who can deliver large amounts of high quality Emmental cheese for your lasagna, shredded and sliced cheeses applications or processed cheese? Look no further. As your worldwide Emmental supplier, we are specialized in producing the best suitable recipes and formats for every application.

Easy handling
Excellent slicing
Pure flavor

Our high quality Emmental cheese solution

Our rindless Emmental brings process advantages to our customers. This cheese with large eye formations is easy to slice due to our unique production process and quality inspections. The availability of the product in a 15Kg euroblock makes it easy to handle and ideal to use in mixed cheese recipes in an industrial process. Do you want to experience the high quality yourself?

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Emmental - FrieslandCampina Cheese

Reliable Emmental supplier

FrieslandCampina produces its Emmental to highest quality standards in its dedicated (Swiss type) specialty cheese facility. Our Emmental is ideal for slicing, excellent for grating, and due to its euroblock format it is easy to handle.

Emmentaler Lasagne - FrieslandCampina cheese