Gouda sandwich - FrieslandCampina cheese


Thanks to our long history in Dutch cheese production and our control in the total dairy chain, we can offer Gouda cheeses of very high and constant quality. We are specialized in producing the best suitable recipes and formats for every application, like pizzas, sandwiches and processed cheese products.

Rich and creamy taste
Application specific recipes
Clean label
Available in many formats

Biggest producer of Gouda cheese in the world

Gouda cheese is in the core of our Dutch cheese heritage. FrieslandCampina is the biggest producer and number one supplier of Gouda cheese in the world. Our Gouda is well-known for its mild, creamy and smooth texture. We have the perfect Gouda cheese for your business, whether it is for its high taste, smooth texture, or perfect slicing and grating properties. Gouda cheese is available in blocks, loaves, slices and grates. Want to know which Gouda recipe fits your business?

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Gouda cheese - FrieslandCampina cheese

Royal Hollandia, our Gouda perfect for pizza

With our Royal Hollandia range we have developed a Gouda cheese which is perfect to be used for pizzas and other hot applications. Royal Hollandia Gouda is made from 100% FrieslandCampina cow’s milk of the highest quality. It is specially developed to have constant melting properties and even browning. Royal Hollandia cheese is the perfect ingredient for preparing the best pizzas. For more information visit Royal Hollandia now.

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Gouda Gold, the richest flavor and aroma specially for processing purposes

Consumers are constantly challenging food producers to deliver more intense, creative and exclusive flavours. To meet these demands, the industry needs an affordable solution that enhances taste without slowing their processing. Therefore, we developed a special product line of Gouda. This rindless cheese is called Gouda Gold, which has the richest flavour and aroma of all the rindless Gouda regularly used as an ingredient. To give you and your customers the best experience, we have developed a specific Gouda Gold for cold applications and another which is optimal for the production of hot sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and ready meals.

Gouda Tosti - FrieslandCampina cheese

Award-winning Gouda cheese

In recent years FrieslandCampina’s Gouda cheese won several awards at the largest cheese, butter and yogurt contest in the world. For example, at the World Championship Wisconsin USA 2020 our naturally ripened Gouda won 3 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze awards.

We are proud to tell that our cheese makers put the same craftsmanship in making our foil-ripened cheeses as they do in making these award-winning naturally ripened Gouda cheeses.