Goya Salade - FrieslandCampina cheese


Because of its beautiful crumbly mouthfeel and easy to process structure, our rindless Goya cheese is an excellent ingredient for flakes, powder and processed cheese. It brings an exceptional flavor to dishes such as a savory cheese topping on pastas or as flakes on a pizza or salad. Discover now what our high quality Goya can add to your products and applications.

Excellent for flakes / powder
Easy to process
Intense flavor
Alternative for Italian hard cheese

Our Goya cheese solutions

Our rindless Goya is produced in our state-of-the-art specialty cheese factory. We specifically developed our Goya to meet the market needs of our customers. Namely a hard cheese in euroblock format which has an intense and enhanced taste without slowing down processes. Want to know more about the possibilities our Goya has to offer you and your business?

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Goya Cheese - FrieslandCampina cheese

Goya, an affordable flavor maker

Goya is a hard cheese that has its own outstanding character: the careful balance of savory, sour and sweet flavors, with a tempting fruity aroma. Goya is a cheese that meets the needs of the food industry in an affordable way.

Goya Cheese - FrieslandCampina cheese