Light cheeses

By offering your customers a healthy option, you can make the difference whether they choose your product. At FrieslandCampina Cheese B2B we can help you make that difference by providing reduced-fat cheese. Perfect for slicing, shredding and processed cheeses. Discover our light cheeses now.

Easy to grate and powder applications
Perfect for powder application
Ideal for mixing
Great quality for value

Our light cheese solutions

FrieslandCampina produces a variety of light cheese options like 10+, 20+, and 30+. Those light cheeses are reduced-fat, semi-hard cheeses which are high in protein and have a mild and slightly sweet taste. Our rindless light cheese options are specifically developed to optimize your production process because 15KG euroblock formats makes it very easy to handle. Do you want to profit or maybe need some more information about our solutions and services?

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Edam 30+ - FrieslandCampina cheese

A healthy option

Consumers prefer light cheese because of its high protein and low-fat values. It makes it a healthy option for sandwiches and as a topping for pastas. Our rindless light cheeses are excellent for grating, slicing, and to mix with other cheeses.

Gouda Gold grated - FrieslandCampina cheese

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