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Maasdam is that famous semi-hard, creamy and typical Dutch cheese type, known for its relatively large round holes. A high and constant quality cheese for applications like gratin, sandwiches and processed and melted cheese. Discover how our rindless Maasdam cheese solutions and services can enrich your products and applications now.

Versatile ingredient
Perfect slicing
Nutty and creamy

Our Maasdam cheese solutions

Our rindless Maasdam cheese is perfect slicing and its 15Kg euroblock format makes it easy to handle in industrial processes. Maasdam cheese gives a unique flavor experience in both hot- and cold applications such as sandwiches and gratin. Want a taste of our Maasdam cheese and/or find out what our solutions, recipes and services can add to your business?

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Maasdam - FrieslandCampina Cheese

FrieslandCampina’s Maasdam heritage

FrieslandCampina has a long history in producing Maasdam cheese in our very own dedicated specialty cheese facility for cheeses with holes. Our rindless Maasdam has a sweet, nutty, creamy taste and adds a unique combination of flavor and texture to our overall cheese portfolio.

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Emmentaler Baquette - FrieslandCampina cheese

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