When you use mozzarella cheese for products like pizza, or applications like shredded mozzarella, you want to make sure it is from the highest and most constant quality. Thanks to our drive to extend and innovate our cheese portfolio and to invest in state-of-the art facilities, we can guarantee the best recipes for mozzarella, all over the world.

Excellent stretchability
Consistent browning and melting
Firm structure
Many recipes and formats

Leading supplier for the most demanding mozzarella customers

Our rindless mozzarella portfolio consists of different recipes that fit with the market and application needs of the most demanding customers. With state-of-the-art facilities, we are able to produce a perfect mozzarella with long stretch, firm structure for easy shredding with minimal waste, and excellent baking performance. It has an appealing blister distribution and perfect oil off. We focus on supplying the right product, in the right format, at the desired time. Do you want to try out our mozzarella yourself by receiving a sample?

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Mozarella - FrieslandCampina cheese

Our high quality Mozzarella formats

Our mozzarella is produced using the newest and highest technology standards which enables us to deliver a reliable and high quality mozzarella. All our mozzarella is clean label, vegetarian and halal. With our application know-how and R&D capabilities we are able to develop mozzarella products according to your nutritional, logistical and processing needs. Think about 40+, 45+, lower salt content, chilled or frozen, in formats you prefer.

Contact us when you want to know more about the recipe and format possibilities, like blocks, loaves and shredded mozzarella.

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Mozzarella Tosti - FrieslandCampina cheese

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