FrieslandCampina has brought together its expertise in innovation and research & development in the Innovation Centre in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Working together in this inspiring environment and cooperating with the Wageningen University & Research Centre, other knowledge institutes, customers and suppliers gives us the power to speed up the innovation process and make it more successful.

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Innovations in cheese

Cheese is an important product group for FrieslandCampina, because about 60 per cent of the milk of FrieslandCampina is processed into cheese in the Netherlands. Cheese is nutritious product that can be prepared and consumed in many different ways. The demand for tasty, low-calorie cheese is a challenge for the cheese makers. Fat contributes to the taste of cheese, both with respect to flavour and texture. It is a challenge to make cheese with a nice, soft and creamy taste with less fat.

Cheese factory - FrieslandCampina

Sustainable cheese

We are able to produce cheeses with these quality characteristics by continuously optimizing the production methods, based on extensive process technological knowledge. For a sustainable cheese production, preventing losses has the greatest effect. In addition to this, research is done into reducing the use of energy and water.

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Better recipes for optimizing your process and application

We make use of the results from research into the relationship between texture, taste and mouthfeel to develop new and better cheese recipes. Also our fundamental understanding about cheese characteristics such as grateability and meltability are applied by our technical support teams to connect your process and application with our products. For example researchers of FrieslandCampina have built up extensive knowledge about diffusion and the distribution of salt and fat in cheese. This knowledge is used to optimize the brining process. This results in cheese varieties with a lower salt content without sacrificing the good taste.

Our cheeses
Producing grated cheese - FrieslandCampina cheese
Windmills - FrieslandCampina cheese
Producing grated cheese - FrieslandCampina cheese